When you’re Northern NJ Premiere Birthday Photographers it’s always game on! Designing a cake smash session is what we love to do and when the end results comes out better then we hoped…well, it’s hard not to LOVE our job!

Kacie was amazing and from the start she was all smiles and personality. We began her session with beautiful and simple classic photos. She’s not walking just yet, so we got some adorable photos of her sitting and crawling. But holy is she fast. She got around on her knees faster then a lot of walkers get around on their feet!

On our consult mom said that her party theme was all about Watermelon and wanted to incorporate that into the cake smash. Of course we jumped at the opportunity. We haven’t done a watermelon smash in years and with it being the perfect time of year for watermelon, we knew that the set up would be ideal!

Colorful and bright, and accented with real, juicy watermelon the set was so authentic and fun! The cake was made to match with pink icing and the green bottom, accented with tiny black seeds. This was definitely one of our messier smashes. And Kacie knew exactly how to make a show! Without hesitation, she dug right in – feet and all.

There was no stopping her from enjoying her cake and that’s exactly what she did. She even tested out the watermelon. And who doesn’t love a good snack with their splash.

Kacie definitely stole our hearts and the show! What a fun little girl and we are so happy that we had this chance to celebrate with her! Enjoy these One in A Melon smash photos! Whats your favorite?

As Northern NJ Premiere Birthday Photographers, we custom design smash session and offer a full service experience. You bring the baby and we supply the cake. It’s that simple. Book your next session with us.

Northern NJ Premiere Birthday PhotographersNorthern NJ Premiere Birthday PhotographersNorthern NJ Premiere Birthday PhotographersNorthern NJ Premiere Birthday Photographers