As a New Jersey First Birthday Photographer, we often work with clients who we are first introduced to us at their newborn session. It’s always so great to see how much these little ones grow over that first year and of course, celebrating with them is so fun!

James was one of our newborn clients, so we were excited when mom contacted us to start planning his first birthday and cake smash session! Our planning took us to some nice fall family pictures right outside of our Midland Park studio and then indoors for his Blue themed smash.

Our studio, located in an old, historical Brownstone Mill, offers a quaint and old whirl charm that offers a beautiful backdrop for outdoor photos. We knew, as a New Jersey First Birthday Photographer, that the early stages of Fall were rich in color, so this would be the perfect opportunity for stunning family pics. The weather however,  was a tad on the  chilly side, so we kept the outside portion short and sweet. None-the-less, we did really get some great foliage shots. Inside, our set was designed in varying shades of blue, simplistic and sweet and exactly what mom had wanted.  James was outfitted in a cute pair of suspender jeans (sans the shirt) which paired really well with the set. With the little hesitation, James took to eating, smash and pretty much destroying his cake. He was a quick little guy and we couldn’t snap fast enough.

Cake smash sessions are always the highlight of our days! There’s really no better or more enjoyable way to celebrate your little one’s first birthday then with a fistful of cake and a load of happy smiles. It’s a nice way to close out that memorable first year!

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