The myth: older newborn photography sessions cannot be done. There are so many reasons for why this is untrue.  Yes, newborn sessions done in the first two weeks of life is ideal, since babies are very sleepy, curly and posable. However, sometimes life just happens and unforeseeable reasons happen.

Due to the Corona Virus pandemic and shutdowns, Nora’s newborn session was unable to happen within the “normal: timeframe. She was born in April and at that point, our studio had already been closed for a month.  After speaking with mom and giving her options, we decided that once we were able to reopen, Nora’s newborn session would be a milestone session instead.

Just shy of her three month mark, we finally were able to meet Nora and her mom and dad. The three month milestone session is what we typically consider a tummy time session.This is where we can usually get a lot of shots of them on their tummy’s and eyes opened.

Another reason we love this stage of photos and older newborn photography is that baby is more awake and awards us the opportunity to get more of those wide eyed shots. Aside from just tummy time shots we can also, depending on baby, wrap and create some poses on our beanbag or use a basket or bowl as a prop to create a little more variety with pictures.

We photograph babies through their first year, with all the stages in between.  We do plenty of milestone sessions around the three month mark, and we must say they are absolutely adorable!  Babies this age are still tiny but are already coming into their personality.  Best of all, we can dress them up in cute little baby outfits!  Our studio wardrobe is filled with handmade and unique clothes and accessories especially for baby photography.  If your baby is past the age for an older newborn session, then consider milestone portraits as a beautiful alternative.  You may love these photos even more!

Here’s a little peek inside Nora’s milestone session and we are obsessed. And remember, it’s never too late to schedule your baby’s session!


Older Newborn PhotographyOlder Newborn PhotographyOlder Newborn Photography