It’s been a minute since we’ve done a twin girls newborn photography session in our Midland Park, NJ studio! We were so happy that we were finally able to meet Celia and Emilia and that we were able to get mom and dad the session they had hoped for.

These little wonders were born back in early March, right before the world stopped and things became crazy! For awhile, it was uncertain if we would be able to make this session a reality based off of the circumstances. The sister duo were born at 37 weeks and both were in the 5lb range. So with that, we know that in terms of their size, they would still photograph as newborns. It is true that newborn sessions are ideally always done in the first two weeks of life (give or take). This typical time frame ensures that babies are still sleepy and curly, allowing for easier posing and less awake time. With that being said, it is still possible to do a newborn session outside of that two week mark.

Celia and Emilia are said example. Just short of three months, these beautiful girls were finally able to have their session. And mom was certainly ecstatic about the occasion. Mom, dad and big sister, Giulia, are past clients and we’ve always looked forward to and enjoyed our times together. What seemed like a lifetime ago, Mom was in the studio for her maternity session and anxiously awaiting the twins Due Date!

Mom’s ideas were very specific and themes that had been used in other sessions for their family came back into play for this session. Traveling has always been a focal point (Mom and Dad were big travelers pre-kiddos) for them and was used in Giulia’s first birthday session and their maternity session. So, it only made sense that travel would be a part of the twins session.

Vintage style suitcases and globes were used to put the shot together, along with delicate flowers and ornate, white lantern. Clearly these girls did not want to miss a thing for this part of the session. Wide eyed and awake! Soft pinks and cream were incorporated throughout and the majority of the session consisted of pretty pale pinks and creams.

Milk and Cookies was another prop and theme that mom wanted in the session. During her pregnancy with the girls, big sister named the babies, cookies and milk (Baby A and Baby B). I mean, we can’t think of a sweeter pair. Special milk and cookie swaddles, provided by mom, were used, along with some old fashioned milk bottles and of course, several sleeves of Chocolate Chip cookies. Authenticity is best.

No session is of course without it’s challenges. As photographers we understand and know that every session can and not always go as planned. It’s part of the job and this twin newborn photography session had some ups and downs. Sleepy babies they were not. The girls were cat nappers and loved to be held and rocked. Fine by us – who doesn’t love baby snuggles. Often though, the typical sleepy, closed eye shots were non-existent and both girls just stared up at our camera. Again, not wanting to miss out on any part of their Grand Adventure.

Before we end this blog, we just wanted to make sure to give a shoutout to Giulia! The best big sister and the MOST patient. She played her part so perfectly and was so accommodating for every shot. Her smile was infectious and you could just see how much she adored her new sisters. Giulia, Celia and Emilia are part of a very exclusive and much loved club!

Another session with this family, after a long hiatus, was exactly what we needed to get things back to a new, somewhat normal. Thank you Morelli Family for once again choosing Giella Barbara Photography to capture this Great Adventure for you!

We are now booking summer maternity and newborn sessions. Contact us for our session and pricing information.

Twin Girls Newborn PhotographyTwin Girls Newborn PhotographyTwin Girls Newborn PhotographyTwin Girls Newborn PhotographyTwin Girls Newborn PhotographyTwin Girls Newborn PhotographyTwin Girls Newborn Photography