Photographing newborn babies is our every day normal and we love creating beautiful newborn photography sessions in our Midland Park studio. It is made even better sometimes by the excited big siblings. Bearing witness to so many new beginnings (when a child becomes a big brother or sister) is always a beautiful moment.

As beautiful and as special as these moments are, it’s not always the best case scenario when it comes to photographing new siblings together. When toddlers are involved, there’s no guessing what will happen and more often than not, they play by their own rules. I have certainly had sessions where it has been almost impossible (or actually…impossible) to get a great shot of a toddler with their newborn sibling. Having a toddler who wants to do their own thing is actually pretty normal. It often just comes down to luck! And, because you do have a toddler, you already know that no two days are ever the same!

For this beautiful newborn photography session, we did actually got lucky! Big brother was only a little timid,  but with some toy cars and a little extra bribing, we were able to capture some sweet and simple shots of him and his new sister. We even caught a smile.

This session was filled such pretty details and soft, neutral colors. Creams and blush pinks are so popular when it comes to designing baby girls and their sessions. It surprisingly never gets old. With soft florals and baskets, we created classic and beautiful shots of their little Loretta (named after her beautiful grandmother).

For family shots, mom wanted a light backdrop and intimate moments with their new baby girl. She had a couple of specific shots that she really wanted and it’s always so important for us to capture the specifics. We are firm believers that these moments with your new child are of greatest importance, so we often encourage new parents to partake in this portion of the session. There is just something about the very first professional photos with your sweet little baby. They will never be this little again and we know they will cherish each and every image for a lifetime.


Beautiful Newborn PhotographyBeautiful Newborn PhotographyBeautiful Newborn PhotographyBeautiful Newborn Photography