A newborn photography session in our Midland Park studio is a beautiful way to capture your new baby and family. With a combined nine years of experience, Cassandra and Renee have become one of Bergen Counties sought after, newborn photographers.

You would never know that this baby girl was already one month old when she came in for her newborn session. As of lately, many of our babies have been over the two week mark. With the ongoing pandemic, our clients were unable to come to us for their scheduled newborn sessions. And as heartbroken as we were, we held on the hope that we would soon reopen our doors and meet all the tiny, new faces that came into the world.

Now, we know it is often said that a newborn photography session is best done between 7-14 days old. To some extent, yes, this is true; however, it is definitely NOT the written rule!

The reason photographers say that a newborn photography session window is between 7-14 days old is because at this age, babies typically sleep easier and curl up easier. Getting a baby to pose at this age also tends to be easier since they are, at this point, only out of  the womb for a short time. There are several factors that play into a newborn session, but always keep in mind that every baby – no matter the age – is different.

It’s NEVER too late to photograph your beautiful, new baby! Chances are if you think you’ve missed your window for a newborn session, think again! We photograph newborns up to 2 months and sometimes older. Newborn sessions with older babies are absolutely doable, and as trained photographers (no matter who that may be) it’s important to know what poses work and how to handle the older babies. The end result is still a beautiful gallery of your precious little one!

One month old Malia was just as perfect, if not better, then a lot of two week old babies we meet. From the moment she arrived at our studio, she was an angel. Barely a peep, Malia slept through for the majority of her session and we moved through posed and prop shots with such ease. Case in point – it’s never too late to photograph your newborn baby!

With soft neutrals and even a touch of blue (we’re suckers for girls in blue) the session evoked a timeless, classic feel. As newborn photographers, it’s important to us to provide families with images which will remain relevant and beautiful to look at as the months and years go by.

Due to the nature and unpredictability of our business, we offer limited sessions each month and are dedicated to offering an exceptional experience to our clients. We’re now taking bookings for Fall/Winter 2020 babies. You can book your newborn session by clicking here or email us at info@giellabarbaraphotography.com


Newborn Photography SessionNewborn Photography SessionNewborn Photography Session