As Midland Park premiere newborn photographers our job is to embrace the essence of new! It’s all about the NEW in our studio and we strive to capture those fleeting, once in a lifetime moments for parents.

The journey to motherhood can be overwhelming. A range of emotions from excited to happy, nervous and anxious to downright scared. In the end, yes, those feelings may still all exist, but the truest and purest emotion is unconditional love. For first time parents, this level of love is unsurmountable. It’s a type of love that has never been experienced before. It’s a level of love that reaches deep into your soul and makes you gasp for air.

I can vividly remember the day my husband and I brought our first child home. We put her carseat down in the middle of the living room, sat down on the couch and just stared. For what seemed like hours, we gazed at this little person who had completely changed our lives less then 48 hours earlier. We didn’t know what to do other then stare. We were so uncertain and cautious of this new feeling.

Having a baby changes everything. Experiences, senses and thoughts are all so new. You are new, your perspectives are new and now this little person is counting on ALL of you! GULP. The good thing though…you’re not alone. These mix  of feelings are all completely and totally normal.

First time and even veteran parents, when they walk through our door, it’s easy to read the emotions on their faces. Often, it’s pure exhaustion and uncertainty and thus, what makes our job so gratifying. Everyone who has had a child knows that those first few weeks are a complete blur. Running on fumes, countless diaper changes, and 4:00am feedings, all becomes a hazy memory.

This is why newborn photography is so important to us and why we do everything we can to get the most perfect shots.

It is our job to capture and document the details and the moments that so often, become a fleeting and unconscious memory. The new details of a baby are so beautiful and so tiny and in a blink of an eye change so fast. We, as Midland Park premiere newborn photographers, create a series of photos to keepsake this amazing and special time.

The NEW seemed to stand out so much to us during this particular session. Mom and Dad were so head over heels with their new baby girl and as we gathered together the pictures for this blog, we couldn’t help but really focus on their family images. The love they had for one another and for their daughter was just so obvious and genuine.

Isabel was born at the end of April, under the Covid Pandemic and unfortunately was not able to visit us until her six  week mark. So, it’s true she wasn’t our typical newborn session and she definitely stayed awake more so then normal; however, she was nothing short of perfect. It was a simple session with soft neutral tones of blush and ivory. Touches of florals and classic, family portraits completed this beautiful session. The family photos are our most favorite, but you be the judge.

Introducing, sweet Isabel


Midland Park Premiere Newborn PhotographersMidland Park Premiere Newborn PhotographersMidland Park Premiere Newborn PhotographersMidland Park Premiere Newborn PhotographersMidland Park Premiere Newborn Photographers


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Newborn Photography Sessions are best held within the first 2 weeks from birth.