Newborn photos in our Northern NJ Newborn Photography Studio is the perfect space for new parents and their babies. We offer a one-of-a-kind newborn experience and with over ten years of combined experience, we strive to create a beautiful and memorable session.

Newborn photography has always had a special place in our hearts.  Newborns are a world of possibility and we just love having the opportunity to document how incredibly special they really are.

This is Oliver! The baby boy visits to our Northern NJ newborn photography studio have been few and far between since reopening in the middle of June. So needless to say, we were excited to throw in some blues, grays and all the boy things. Mom wanted our most popular prop- the moon, which can be used and designed for either boy or girl.  In this case, we used our star gazer blue backdrop and filled the bottom with white fluff and extra texture to give the illusion of clouds. Oliver snuggled right into that moon and it created the perfect shot.

Mom’s must have shot was our popular swing composite shot! How adorable and this shot will be so perfect in his bedroom!

Everything we used came together so nicely for the session and the below images (for your viewing pleasure) are just some of our favorites!

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Northern NJ Newborn Photography Studio Northern NJ Newborn Photography Studio